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WUMCO responds 
to Covid-19

WUMCO has quickly responded to increased need due to covid-19.  Thank you to our generous community for your continued support. 

Office hours are now Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00

Food donations can be brought to the WUMCO office during open hours.  
Our physical address is 
17550 W. Willard Rd., Poolesville.
Non-perishable food can be dropped anytime in the WUMCO box in the Pike and Valega parking lot located at 19601 Fisher Ave., Poolesville. 

Financial donations can be given online, or mailed to 
PO Box 247, 
Poolesville, MD 20837
We gratefully accept gifts of real property, in-kind gifts, and other non-cash donations that we can truly use. Please contact the WUMCO Help office, 301/972-8481 or at, to discuss any possible such gift. The staff will determine if the offered items are needed and if we have space for them, and if necessary, consult with the Board of Directors Executive Committee for further guidance.